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Brand New Smile

Brand New Smile

titanium implant undergoing the process of osseointegration. Welcome back to Irwin Dentistry‘s blog on dental implants!  We hope you enjoyed our previous posts on dental implants and are excited to learn more about the benefits that dental implants can offer you!  Dental Implants have provided many patients with realistic looking replacement teeth that helps regain self confidence and prompts people to show off their smiles.  In this blog we will discuss the benefits dental implants cater to, but also we will be exploring the innovation behind the process of dental implants.

Sweet Tooth

Dental implants are based off of the scientific findings of Per-Ingvar Brånemark, a Swedish orthopaedic surgeon. In his studies of blood flow he discovered the process of osseointegration.   Per-Ingvar Brånemark placed titanium chambers in a rabbit to study its blood flow, when it came time to remove the  titanium he discovered that the bone tissue had fused together with the metal and had become part of the rabbits anatomy.  This process has been implemented into dental implants and has proven to be very successful in providing patients with stable and secure replacement teeth.  The base of the replacement tooth is comprised of titanium and is placed into the affected area where the bone tissue naturally combines and restructures the strength of your jawbone.   Dental implants in comparison to dentures, gives patients their teeth back in a sense.  With dentures, removal and maintenance does not provide patients with the feeling of their own teeth, it’s more of a removable solution that restricts in many ways.  Dentures also inhibits patients with the types of food they can consume. Dental implants do not restrict your palate so you can go back to enjoying the foods you love.  Some of the benefits of dental implants are as follows.

  • realistic results
  • strength restored to the jawbone
  • improvement of facial features
  • boost in self confidence
  • better oral hygiene
  • durable and comfortable feel
  • eliminates tooth decay
  • improves smile
  • can consume a variety of foods


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Whether you are missing teeth or have severe tooth decay, dental implants can provide you with the solution you are looking for.  Stop hoping you had your smile back and inquire if you are the right candidate for dental implants!  If you have any questions regarding dental implants please contact Dr. Steve Irwin to schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation today!